The VTT-Box



 Shipping crates 








Why the VTT-Box surpasses conventional packing crates.


Almost no tools needed

No milling or drilling

Without screws



Assembly in under 2 min     

Preconfigured, small set

Only one person needed

Disassembly in 1 min


Any desired shape and size   

Monomaterial recyclable

Loading during assembly

Cheap board material


Tested load capacity

Internationally shippable

Heat-treated according to IPPC

Take a look at a real-world demonstration.




The assembly of the VTT-Box takes just a few steps.


These elements make up every VTT-Box.


prinzip pal 2 +   +   + prinzip bnd 2 
Base Pallet
VTT-Connector Board Material
Packaging Straps



   12mm board thickness

   15mm board thickness

     OSB-/particle board

     Honeycomb carton

           Plastic straps

           Steel straps

The VTT-Connector is at the heart of every VTT-Box.

The highly robust and screwless connection is tested by the BFSV.   All functions needed for the VTT-Box are solely covered by the VTT-Connector.

The angle can be adjusted steplessly from  90° to 180° by hand, without any tools.

Larger boxes are created by using the VTT-Connector vertically to support the sides.

With our sales partner we deliver the VTT-System worldwide.


  vertrieb bea clear  clear  vtt rund en  





The BeA-Group produces and markets fastening tools and systems worldwide. The European market leader for nail guns employs about 400 associates and is present in more than 40 countries.


If you are interested in complete VTT-Boxes, we will gladly get you in contact with a manufacturer. Furthermore, we offer to develop solutions together with you for all of your packaging needs.


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For the US, the VTT-Connector can now be bought online as well - at


We are excited to announce our partnership with ETH Enterprise for the East Asian and Pacific markets!


See the VTT-Connector at Ligna, at the booth of BeA (hall 13, booth A16)!


Check out the new VTT-Box video together with BeA!


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